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Customer Reviews

My husband and I been going there since the 90s customer service is great.

Denise F.

The only choice when it comes to any electronic installation for any vehicle. Not only does Kenny & Paul recommend the best products but they also are perfectionist when it comes to the installation. The job went nice and smooth and I was able to bring in and stereo that wasn't purchased in store and where other businesses would be sketchy, not only did the accept the job but also ensured me a quality installation with a reasonably price for all of the work that it included. I have brought multiple vehicles throughout the years for various services and not only has the job gone smooth but it has kept me as a repeat customer for years to come. They have everything you need in stock and if they don't they will easily order it and have it there within a day or two. I highly recommend this business to anyone not only in the area but anyone looking to make your vehicle come to life.

Christon W.

These guys have been giving me great prices for years. Great people who are more than willing to make bargains an d match up your budget for best bang for buck!

Devane C.

I got my car installation done quickly. Excellent service.

Alejandra S.

I worked for City Sound Electronics for many years, so I might be bias to give these guys props. But in all honesty Kenny, the proprietor, always insisted we the workers take care of the customers. You take care of the customer they keep coming back. Simple.. but seeing the operations of this establishment and all others I have worked for, I’ve come to the understanding that “you can’t make everyone happy no matter how much you try” - well, they usually want something for free, or some unreasonable discount. Such is life... but these guys have been in business this long for a reason. Keep up the good work!!

Juan-Carlos R.

These guys gave me an awesome deal on a new TV a few years ago, and more recently a phone and a TV mount. Great service.

Rod T.

I worked for City Sounds this one of the oldest stereo store around in Bridgeport. Now can you satisfy everyone no. But can do your best to keep people coming back. Maybe that's way City Sounds is around so long. One thing I know for fact that Kenny will give you the best deal on car audio, DJ stereo, TV and home audio.

Abel P.

Good dudes kev the coolest dude i know spot good dude kenny when he wants to be if he got buns the day before lol

Jay R.

Love this place.

Alex V.

The guy i talked to here was really cool, more than happy to chat a bit about games and systems. They have a good collection of old skool games that no one else in the area has. Also, compared to ebay prices with shipping included, it's right on the money.  Wait a week, or have it today with a good store atmosphere?  I'll go with city sound.

A. G. U.

These are my dudes in there.  I always get good service.

K. Q. B.

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